CWP (Centos Web Panel) Add Master Domain Both As Account and Nameserver At The Same Time

If you want to use your unique domain as nameserver and also account at the same time in Centos Web Panel, then you should be careful and read this tutorial.

1- Point your domain to your server IP, you should create child name servers under your registrars control panel.

2-If your nameservers and ip’s added to server configuration by your service provider, delete them under

CWP->DNS Functions->List DNS Zones

Find and

DELETE them both. Ignore any errors.

3-  Again go to CWP->DNS Functions->List DNS Zones and find

Press “Edit File” button and add below records at the bottom of the file.

ns1 14400 IN A 111.222.333.444
ns2 14400 IN A 111.222.333.444

Replace 111.222.333.444 number with YOUR SERVER IP

4-  Go to Apache Settings->Rebuild Virtual Hosts

Go to Dashboard Restart Apache and BIND DNS Server

Your domain should show test page on URL, and also your nameservers should catch responses and redirect to your server.

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